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ARPADIS UK LTD operates as an agent of Arpadis Benelux NV. A global distribution company providing clear no-nonense supply chain answers for a diversified portfolio of chemicals.

Our philosophy has been to create a flexible proactive distributor whilst maintaining an empathy with customers providing added value streams.

Arpadis UK has been at the vanguard of the Arpadis brand in the UK since 2004, challenging some traditional views and establishing a 'New Wave' across the market. 
Our membership of the Chemical Business Association has forged our quality credentials from day one, signing up to the Responsible Care Programme in 2004 and gaining the ISO9001;2000 Certificate the following year. We still endeavour to push our quality and safety thinking through the group and our latest success has seen Arpadis Polyurethanes granted permission to transport Propylene Oxide on behalf of one of our key suppliers Dow Chemicals.
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Neo Pentyl Glycol (NPG) - Searching for a new supplier?

New for 2013- Neo Pentyl Glycol (NPG)

Arpadis has joined with a European manufacturer to enhance its product range to the resins and coatings market for NPG. We offer solid flake and solution packed in 25kg bags, 500kg bags, drums and bulk tankers.


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Since 2004 Arpadis embraced the Responsible Care Programme as part of our membership of the Chemical Business Association (CBA). Today this thinking is permeated through the group giving you peace of mind that Arpadis is a supplier constantly reviewing and updating the basic guiding principles of RC.